"The extraordinary-local-but-Paris-born pianist."  

                 - David Wildman, The Boston Globe

"Among the discoveries, one will remember pianist Pierre Hurel with his Coltranian harmonies and whose music is characterized by grace and elegance."

                    - Lucien Giraudo, Jazz Magazine

“Pierre Hurel is the real thing, a musician whose mind and heart and ear are in perfect synch. He is a colorist and poet who takes us to those places where words leave off.”  

                   - Richard Ortner, President of The Boston Conservatory

"Hurel's compositions and playing show the influence of European classical music, particularly of the romantic and impressionistic eras. When in an interview last year I asked him about the composers who inspired his work, he cited Shostakovich, Poulenc, and Ravel. In his playing, Hurel projects a natural grace, easygoing on the surface but precise and focused at the core.”

                  - Virginia Shaefer, All About Jazz

"Hurel is one of Boston's real gems. His style is impressionistic and adventurous, coming off somewhere between Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett ... The Pierre Hurel Trio is Boston's most sensitive working group." 

                      - Steve Greenlee, Boston Globe


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